early days. However, didn't seem to last very long. It exceeded the infamous disco clubs by far! The Casa Los Angeles Ca 1985. The Institution Of Rock And Roll Colorado Springs, CO 1980s. Even though I always went home alone, at least I had fun dancing with myself and drove home with a good buzz. First in an old bank building on Broadway and Houston and later in a third floor loft on 21 St between 5 and 6 Avenue, this club was the favorite hangout of Joey Ramone and Billy Idol.

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Great after work Happy Hours. Anyway, best music people and bartenders in Cleveland. Before goth was cool, the anti meat market mix of college students, professionals, high school students, gays, straights, all cultures and nationalities, anyone that just wanted to dance with or without magic swimming around in their head -Cure, Sisters, MWH, the Furs, New Order, B-52's. On the water in Island Park - music from Van Halen to 80's dance hits - indoor/outdoor. A friend who lives in DC says that there is a 9:30 Club which is big and recently Good Charlotte has played there. The Cathouse was opened in 1986 in Hollywood to be a dance club that played rock and only rock. This was a 3 story underage discotheque in a cathedral. It was located in Fern Park, and was old railroad cars turned into a club, the drinks were cheap, the music was hot and the people were great! Great club for bands because of it's space and very generous stage accommodations. They even had an outside area to hang out on several picnic style tables.

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Massage erotique thailandais massage erotique ales New Wave music, with screens around for the videos. Large dance club that was inside eden flirt arnaque niagara the Empress Hotel. (sigh) sadly pretty much every single club mentioned here has been removed to make way for more and more condos. I still remember this place. A place TO meet lots OF high school girls guys TO date AND swoop. Madame Wongs/madame Wongs West Los Angeles CA Late 70's to mid 80's/west To '91. Basement Lair crammed to the gills with the fiercest high-end audio of its time. Think of New Jack City. Was featured on Miami Vice several times.
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Sites de rencontres paris contacte rencontre When You walk inside it's crazy because it is a real diner upstairs with the booths and rencontre adultere tournai the kitchen but when you walk downstairs it is an off the hook club with a big dance floor and a large sound system. There was another bar just inside the auditorium, against the wall opposite the lobby bar. Survives on today with punk nights, retro nights and current alternative music nights. Paradise Ballroom Hollywood CA 70s thru 90s. There were entrances and bars on both ends which met at a small dance floor in the center. Many of the greatest, and still greatest, punk bands played there. Water Fountain in the club! Many people (not all) used to endure from Thursday night to Monday morning from discotheque to discotheque, with few breaks (drugged, logically).Other important discos of the 80s in Valencia: Barraca, Chocolate, actv, Espiral, Arena for alternative, and Distrito 10, Woody, Vanessa, Metropolis for commercial, were. This club was on Reseda Blvd.


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WOW that place was the dâge moyen hommes de rencontres en ligne site web à cormeilles-en-parisis best! Lots of synth pop like Depeche, New Order and Erasure. Jerry's Disco Flushing, NY mid 70's-80's. The Edge/The Vortex San Francisco, CA 1980s. Great place, I wish they'd open it back. Gay night, I think, on one or two nights of the week. Very dark, decorated differently every sunday. Many Bay Area DJ's started thier carreers here. This was an awsome club to hit in the local downtown Vancouver district till its retirement. Monday nights.00 highballs and Thursday nights jugs of paralyzers. Popular gay club on the north side of Chicago. Still the place to be, the extremely avantgarde Mazzo, was at the upper end of the Amsterdam clubscene all through the eighties. Formerly a somewhat seedy lounge south of the airport that serves Seattle, this nightclub was truly a last-gasp for the Waver set in the Seattle area. This bar at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Wrightwood is mentioned in an Iggy Pop song. Artist, producers, and the crowd at LaMirage made this the hottest place to dance in the mid 80's. The parking lot was cramped and the admission price was expensive (for the time) and the club often became very crowded on weekends after 10PM. With some of the best music ever to hit a dance floor. Sadly now a crappy preppie bowling alley bar with another name. The best part was dancing over the pool under the stars.

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